How It's Funded
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For more than 34 years now, the REMAR organization has been carrying out social action in the recovery, rehabilitation and social reinsertion of marginalized people, and in caring for victims of disaster and famine in different parts of the world. Non-profit organizations belong to those corporate forms that are included within the so-called Social Economy. In the case of REMAR, as has been explained in previous chapters of this handbook, its own social work is the entire purpose of the institution and the central concept around which the whole organization revolves. 


Ever since its inception, REMAR has safeguarded its financial independence and self-sufficiency as an institution, in order to ensure that its solidarity activity, its social work and even its own subsistence, are not dependent upon support from third parties (state assistance, grants, donations, etc.).

REMAR is organized into regional and international non-profit Associations and Foundations, which depend upon the Parent Association, REMAR ESPAÑA. Each Association carries out activities that generate income, which enables them to maintain and continue to expand the social work, which consists, to put it briefly, in the provision of shelter, food and care to hundreds/thousands of socially marginalized people. These beneficiaries live under the protection of REMAR in the respective areas of social action and the activities of recovery and social reinsertion. Indeed, the word “REMAR” stands for “REcovery and REhabilitation of MARginalized people”.

All the goods purchased by REMAR, including assets such as buildings, vehicles, machinery, installations, etc., belong to the Association REMAR ESPAÑA, or, in a few exceptional cases, to one of the autonomous REMAR delegations. Their purchase is justified by the objective of reducing leasing costs and of optimizing income generation that provides resources for the social work projects. There are no assets of REMAR belonging to any individual person or Company.

It is important to note that the assets that are acquired fulfil, in all cases, three requisites: 
1. They help towards the optimization of the operation and an increased efficiency in management;
2. They become legally owned by the Association;
3. They can never become privately owned.
It is particularly important to underline this last point: the assets belonging to an Association or Foundation can never be handed over to a private individual or to a private legal entity. This is not possible even in the hypothetical case of the dissolution of the said Association or Foundation.




Apart from its own self-financing activities, REMAR has other sources of income, although they account for less than 1% of the total income. These sources of income are: a) Regular financial contributions from members and occasional special contributions.
b) Financial donations, from both “Inter Vivos” and “mortis causa”.
c) Grants from Organisms, Corporations, Foundations and other official entities, of both a public and a private nature.
d) Any other income generated by activities organized by the association.

The resources generated are dedicated, in their entirety, to the development of the social objectives of the association.